Robocats Farewell

Robocats breeding has come to an end.

I had thought we might be able to continue a little while longer and this is why we chose to keep these three young cats in the video above. Two silver tabby females and one silver spotted male, these will not be producing offspring after all. They will be spayed and neutered so that they can find suitable loving homes and enjoy a peaceful future.

We do expect two litters to arrive in April and we have already a number of enquiries on our records. We should be able to fulfil all of those currently waiting for a kitten. It is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate any aditional enquiries except of course for three kitties above. Therefore, our website, our Face Book and Instagram accounts will all be closed and deleted within the next couple of weeks.

Of course we do still have our own special feline family members and they will be treasured in our home for many years.

Everyone here at the home of Robocats thanks every one of you for your interest and your support.

Keep well, keep safe.