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..breed the best Silver Tabby kittens in the world!

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Bold black stripes, oyster ovals and butterfly wings set on a silver background. Combined with distinctive head & facial markings, banded tail and spotted toes. Together they create a most elaborate pattern which sets them apart from other less spectacular cats.

Absolutely the best choice for a family pet is a British Shorthair.           Loving, gentle and extraordinarily trusting. Both silver tabby and silver spotted kittens have gorgeous temperaments. They love to be involved in family life and quickly find the most comfortable lap on which to fall asleep. These British cats often live for fifteen to twenty years - and more.         

Here at Robocats we've just supplied another kitten to the third generation of the same family - so now Grandma, mum and daughter all have silver tabby and silver spotted cats from us.


It is with a heavy heart that after more than twenty years of breeding these beautiful creatures our Robocat breeding programme must come to an end.

A dark cloud has appeared over our cottage and a sad time is approaching. Next year 2020 must be our final year, there will be no more Robocat kittens. For more than two decades I have dedicated much of my life to improving this breed and hope I have gone some way in achieving this.

This has never been a hobby for us, a hobby to me suggests something casual, just to pass the time. No, this has been a journey of sleepless nights, no holidays and endless maintenance but oh, the joy of these sparkling characters!

We thank you all for your support and we will do our best to fulfill every enquiry over this coming year.  

Silver Spotted British Shorthair male cat
Silver tabby kitten

Silver tabby female kitten

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Silver tabby cat