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  If you are looking for a Silver Tabby or a Silver Spotted kitten - you've come to the right place!

This website is devoted to the most beautiful and impressive of all domestic cats -

Robocat Silver Tabby & Robocat Silver Spotted British Shorthairs.

Born and bred in the Hertfordshire countryside, England.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the very best the world has to offer - you will not find these beauties anywhere else.

Silver spotty kitten
silver tabby cats
british silver spotted cat


"Quite simply, it has to be the best  - or nothing!"

Robocat British Shorthairs

Robocats was founded in 1996 by Allan White.   Joined by his wife Lindsay, they produce the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous cats that have found loving homes throughout the world.

Silver Spotted

Looks like a snow leopard, dense black spots on a silver background but with the gentleness of a true lap cat.  Silver spotted kittens are occasionally available for sale.

silver spotted kittens