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  If you are looking for a Silver Tabby or a Silver Spotted kitten - you've come to the right place!

This website is devoted to the most beautiful and impressive of all domestic cats -

Robocat Silver Tabby & Robocat Silver Spotted British Shorthairs.

Born and bred in the Norfolk countryside, England.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the very best the world has to offer - you will not find these beauties anywhere else.

Silver spotty kitten
silver tabby cats
british silver spotted cat


"Dreaming of that purrfect kitten?  You need to contact us!"

Robocat British Shorthairs

Robocats was founded in 1996 by Allan White.   Joined by his wife Lindsay, they produce the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous cats that have found loving homes throughout the world.

Pure Pedigree Silvers

It's no mystery, it's not by chance that we've achieved this level of quality. It doesn't matter what time of day or night kittens are born,  I'm always present - always!

Silver Spotted

Looks like a snow leopard, dense black spots on a silver background but with the gentleness of a true lap cat.  Silver spotted kittens are occasionally available for sale.

silver spotted kittens for sale